Monday, December 10, 2007

You lied to me.

It's gradually becoming a norm for those holding public offices to speak from one side of their mouths. I don't know if this is a criteria for a long-lasting reign in power or just some special forces that make you say those things you spoke the exact opposite of in times past.
Cnairman of INEC in Nigeria, Professor Maurice Mmaduakolam Iwu after agreeing that the election wasn't totally perfect and was marred with irregularities, turned 180 degrees around to say that the election he conducted was better than June 12 (considered the freest & fairest in Nigeria's history). Can you beat that? He who says he's cooking yam while the pot contains bricks. And na person papa be dis oo!
Dishonesty and double-face has become the order of the day in politics. I wonder what someone considered so much as an intellectual that he was tagged a Professor is doing in the middle of this huge putrifying carcass called politics.
I think he needs to go back to the University. Students need people to teach them. We don't need to learn from some people's show of double-mouthed abracadabra. Now you see it, now you don't.


ababoypart2 said...

Maurice Iwu is increasingly becoming an embarrassment.

Nilla said...

Merry Christmas!!!!