Friday, September 19, 2008

The Baby And The Bathwater

In President Yardy's 7-point agenda, there are conditions precedent to note and work upon in order to consider his agenda a success. One of them is;
The Issue of Law: “We need to become a nation that respects law, order, established regulations and procedure”.

Stating categorically, Mr. Yardy told the whole nation, hence the whole world, that his administration will not tolerate disrespect for the rule of law. It therefore baffles me that the seemingly gentle, God-fearing and educated elite felt the pinch so much that Channels TV was shutdown for airing incorrect news.

In the case of the woman who was charged for having a child out of wedlock, he was quoted while he was governor of Katsina State to have said he 'had decided not to intervene in the case, preferring to let the judiciary decide her fate'. Everyone hailed him then that he has (had?) an exemplary attribute of a good future leader.

So why the change of character? Why the change in manner of approach? What message does Mr Yardy have to put across to people other than the fact that when he feels hurt, he can ditch the rule of law and face it like a typical Nigerian leader?

If the President doesn't know, the bible attributes the abilities/style of operation of Elisha to the inheritance from his predecessor, Elijah.

It seems as if when power was transferred from Aremu of Otta, other unnerving attributes might have 'join body'. More like seeing Pedro Jose Donoso in Salvador Cerinza .

Take my hand Umoru, I will transfer my spirit into you
We won't be stunned when we start seeing Aremu-styled manner of approach to other issues in governance.
President Umoru, The words of a man are his bond. Respect the rule of law. If the President doesn't know that, who on the surface of the Nigerian earth should? The militants in Niger-Delta?


Chxta said...

I gave up when Ibori was let loose.

Jaycee said...

Your caption of the pic is what got me, "Take my hand Umoru. I will transfer my spirit into you."