Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Chef Who Had Ulcer

"Bonny Island plant, the third world’s largest, supplies gas to mostly European customers including Gas Natural of Spain, BOTAS of Turkey, Gaz de France and TRANSGAS of Portugal, with the biggest being the Italian electric power giant ENEL, which agreed to buy 3.5 billion cubic metres (bcm) per year of LNG for over 22 years".......writes ThisDay newspaper.

All my life, I have never come across a thin chef. Oga Elias, while I was in Mayflower, had a belly bigger than that of a woman pregnant with triplets.

In a country that there is arguably no gas to power turbines to be used for power projects, it is really sad. How can a cattle herdsman after breeding from calf to cattle decide to sell all his animals while his family is hungry without meat to eat?
The summary of the story is that the Bonny Island project, that is supposed to provide gas, was designed and contracted to give ALL of its produce to gas companies in Europe for more than a decade while Nigeria languishes in darkness.
One of the issues to be raised here is that what were those who approved the project thinking? The project was conceived about 13 years ago, that should be around the time -Oh My God! - Abacha was there. Who was the minister for petroleum then? Inserts needed please.
Between then and the time OBJ was petroleum minister, some people stupidly gave out all our gas to European companies.
My question is not why people would do that, because it mos def was for kickbacks and Ghana-Must-Go (GMG). Since it is a constant (I can bet grandma's grave on it - bless her soul) that they would have gotten GMGs for the project, either giving the whole produce to the European companies or leaving some for Nigeria to use, why not choose the latter?
This really baffles and scares me because the act does not show only greed at work, there is a devilish characteristic displayed in the act. If you sell part you get GMG, if you sell all you get GMG. So why not sell part, get rich and let the nation move forward? Wouldn't that be a win-win scenario?
It is therefore evident that some people in this great nation of ours;
(1) Want to get rich by collecting GMGs
(2) Also want to make sure that Nigeria gets poorer as they do (1) above.

Such acts should be considered graver than the treason charges on Henry Okah. These are acts that should be taken with serious concern. Financial crime institutions should be biting at this with a great zeal. Some people don't just want to make their gains at the expense of Nigeria. The leeches wan't to suck the whole Nigerian blood with the aim of killing the unperturbed dog.
President Yardy correctly refused to grant approval for the production and shipment of Liquefied Natural Gas.

The true Patriot
Basil Omiyi, Shell's first Nigerian MD, was quoted "government should learn how to respect long term agreements, irrespective of the personality who signed them".
Reality check
Is Basil Efoise Omiyi a Nigerian? Yes.
Is He from Niger-Delta? Yes.
Does he live in Nigeria? Are his father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends Nigerians? Hell Yes!!

What his statement above means is that as the MD of SPDC he was aware of the project details and did not have any milk of Nigerian kindness flowing in him. He did not see anything wrong with the company he works for milking his nation dry as long as he earns his daily bread. Being a christian, his bible correctly has the book of Matthew in it, whose verse 11 of chapter 6 states that 'Give us this day our daily bread'. It is but strange, and should be concluded that verse 13 is missing from the chapter. What version of the bible does he read? King Shell Version (KSV)?
Na person papa be this ooo.

I want to believe that militants do not read papers. They do not have a direct understansing of who their enemies are. They are like the son who gave his mother poison to eat because he believes that she is the author of his bad luck.

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