Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not In The Place I'm From - 9ja For Life

Skimming through my RSS reader this morning (God bless Omea for me), I came across something that sounds rather strange.
A stockbroker in India's financial capital, Mumbai, killed himself after strangling his pregnant wife because of the economic slowdown, police say. [See here]

Not even Tsunami can cause Nigerians to die unwillingly. Nigerians never have the will to die. The Nigerian brand has a lot to do with resilience and perseverance.
We all know that if the highly respected Thabo Mbeki was a Nigerian, he wouldn't have given up power at all (cue from OBJ's first tenure). Have you ever imagined where he would be if Nelson Mandela is a Nigerian. Him go just kak for throne there.
There's a belief that Bob Mugabe's parents are from Warri. He's really showing the traits because 'Warri boy no dey carry last, lailai!!'.

I'm also 100% certain that the Chinese milk that was reported tainted, which killed babies and made 94,000 of them sick must have gotten into 9ja. But all 9ja children have been genetically doped with an immune DNA substance called ODIESHI-RIBONUCLEIC ACID (ONA). Abi did anyone hear any news that a Nigerian child was stooling as a result of the milk drank? See Fig below.

Respect to the Nigerian people. Stronger than diamond. Pako to the core. Even the ajebo Nigerian abroad is stronger than the ajepako of the west.


Jaycee said...

The part of Naija babies having an immune DNA substance called ODIESHIRIBONUCLEIC ACID (ONA) really cracked me up...

Naija for life men! Lol.


wow! I know some people might find some parts of this offensive, or think you are making fun of other people but as a Nigerian, I completely understand what you are saying.

Dutty no go kill Naijaman at all at all!