Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scoundrels In Uniform

It will be irresponsible to overlook a happening as the walloping of Miss Uzoma Okere by aides of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade.
This brings to the fore the nature of military officers our great nation is producing. It is true that Nigeria has spent a long time under military rule, but isn't 9yrs long enough to decouple wanton disregard for the rights of the citizens they are meant to be protecting from the minds of our military men?
Is military insensitivity a function of greed and corruption that we all say is the major blood-sucking demon affecting our nation?
Is it that our military men have been shielded from the real world of democracy and rule of law in the past 9yrs of democracy? Do our military men vote at all? Do they have tax directly deducted from their incomes? Do they feel the pinch of underdevelopment and bad roads which lead to decaying traffic situation?
Of all the heat that has been generated by the instance, one thing that is pertinent to note is that there are different worlds lived Nigeria. The world that a military man lives in is totally different from that which a 'bloody civilian' lives. Though it is right to honour our military, I think the handshake has moved beyond the elbow. You need to see these people when they are driving on the road. They do not only beat up Danfo drivers (which I consider quite cool 'cos of the wiring of their brains), they mete out punishment on innocent citizens that cross their path or do not give them space. I witnessed one event that the staff bus driver of a company was dragged out, beaten and almost bundled into their car because he swerved from where he parked and ALMOST hit an uncoming military car. The old man couldn't have been less than 62 years.
In every developed country, the level is plain. They live in the same world. The affluent live in the same country as the middle class and the military. The citizens whose taxes are used to run the military are appreciated more because they all feel the pinch when there are issues.
I wish to reiterate that worlds exist in our great nation. These worlds are not only sound-proof, they are totally segregated and alienated.
Without these worlds being unified, those who do not feel any pinch would continue to rule other worlds with no iota of care & respect.

A few people should be given kudos for pitching their tents at the right places without taking sides:
- Air Marshal Paul Dike for using his aide, Col. Chris Jemitola to arrange a beautifully written three-paragraph statement. The words in it are unarguably very hard for military men to compose. I wish to ask Air Mashal Dike to please encourage his people to be given the same training he had that brought about such insightful writing.
- Real Women Foundation & Mrs. Nike Adeyemi for standing in support and canvassing for justice for Uzoma.
- Uzoma (the victim) for not listening to her father and not letting the matter pass.
- President Yardy for saying something about it.

The President's Men

I've always said that you cannot give what you don't have. Remember Yardy & Channels? The oil that flows from Aaron's head flows to the beard and to other parts.
Like father like son o jare.


dhayor said...

Dt's d nation we find ourselves in, a similar case happened on my way back from work @ Onipan tollgate, u need to see how these guyz were beaten (an okada guy and d passenger) by some naval officers. Another man who tried to stop dem was ignored even wt his id card, seems he's a police or something.

Jaycee said...

The ones who are supposed to protect the people have turned loose on them...

Anonymous said...

where can i buy it ?